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Security for Society.

Today’s connected cities, communities, and organisations function through continuous monitoring to ensure the safety and protection of people, buildings, and assets.

Enhanced by an increased dependency on digital infrastructure and command-and-control operations, secure and integrated communication networks and platforms are a critical requirement for modern day security.

Central command operations require up-to-date and accurate information to respond to events and threats. Masdar provides command-and-control solutions that delivers advanced technologies and user centric design. Working with partners, the solutions incorporate shared awareness, joint operational capabilities, and real-time visualisation of locations of interest. This empowers the relevant first responders and security professionals to effectively be deployed.

Secure communication networks are essential for operators to share information without interception. Masdar delivers end-to-end, high-speed Mesh and 4G LTE networks that deliver instant access to critical information needed by law enforcement, first responders, and government agencies. Users can retrieve data at high speeds with any 4G LTE-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

When requiring communication networks across a wide range and within remote locations, satellite-based infrastructure is an essential capability. Masdar delivers satellite platforms that incorporate the latest technologies in Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems. This allows the satellites to deliver the best performance at a minimum dynamic channel size, while allowing for automatic allocation of the resources. Creating a cost-effective solution for field teams and central operators.

Masdar provide a dedicated public safety system operating over a private 4G/LTE network. This system has the added ability to connect to other high-speed satellite and fibre optic networks. This securely connects first responders, security professionals and government officials on the ground with voice, video, and data to provide the right information at the right time when managing an event or threat.

Masdar delivers a wide array of perimeter security solutions that are multi-layered and enhanced with a combination of hardware and software including vibration or inertia sensors, microwave detectors, surface watch radar, video analytics platforms, and PTZ EO/IR Sensors.

Engineered for Excellence

Masdar has a track record of nearly three decades of delivering engineering excellence.

Masdar has a track record of nearly three decades of delivering engineering excellence.

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